[Xotcl] Method inheritance on class side

Artur Trzewik mail at xdobry.de
Sun Apr 22 14:02:55 CEST 2001


By building some Xotcl Class System I have following problem.
Consider the example

% Class A
% A proc test {}  { puts "method test" }
% Class B -superclass A
% B test

I would expect by calling B test to invoke A proc test and not to create new 
instance of B.
I know this bahavior from Smalltalk. It is very usefull for building special 
creating method on class side or some method that not need a instance

For Example (getter for a system constant)

Class A
A proc getSystemPath {}  { return \usr }

Class B -superclass A
B proc getConfigFile {} {
    return [file join [[self] getSystemPath] System.cfg]
This would create new Instance of B with name getSystemPath
Now I have to write:
B proc getConfigFile {} {
    return [file join [A getSystemPath] System.cfg]
or implement proc search on class side by myself

This was rather simple example but there are many examples in smalltalk 
libraries for reasonable use of this bahavior.

Is there a chance to change it in next version?
It would make my system easier and cleaner


 Artur Trzewik 


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