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Gustaf Neumann neumann at wu-wien.ac.at
Wed Jun 6 11:08:16 CEST 2001

On Wednesday 06 June 2001 10:27, you wrote:
> On Tuesday 05 June 2001 21:44, Gustaf Neumann wrote:
> > Dear XOTcl community,
> >
> >  If you have interest to get access to the current development
> >  version of XOTcl (which is exactly 0.85-p1) you can use bitkeeper to
> >  get the source tree. Bitkeeper (http://www.bitkeeper.com) is
> >  an open source version control system.
> Hopla !
> This "BitKeeper" is a commercial product requiring license ?

 license yes, "commercial" in certain cases. bitkeeper has different kind 
 of licenses (including a commercial one). It is free for multi-user when 
 "open logging" is activated. See below.

 look at the list of projects using bitkeeper, it includes e.g. mysql.

 the main reason for me to switch from cvs to bitkeeper was that it allows
 renaming of files and directories. I am still somewhat struggling with 
 it, but it seems quite a nice product. Larry McVoy (one of the persones
 behind bitkeeper) wrote some time ago about a distributed 
 source code management system, which certainly influenced bitkeeper...


PS: i have no personal interest in bk, nobody is forced to use bitkeeper, 
 it is just an easy way to access our development verison. we will continue
 to distribute tar files as well.

bk licensing(1)      BitKeeper User's Manual      bk licensing(1)

       bk licensing - BitKeeper Licensing Overview

       This  section briefly explains the licensing models.   See
       the references for more detailed information.

       BitKeeper has multiple licensing models:

       =>free with no Open Logging (aka single  user),  license
       is  the BKL.
       =>free with Open Logging, license is the BKL.
       =>commercial, license is the BKCL.

       BitKeeper can be used for free, without licensing or  Open
       Logging,  if  the  repository  is single user. To create a
       single user repository, at setup  time  pick  a  permanent
       user   name   and   a  host  name  and  add  to  the  Bit-
       Keeper/etc/config file; all deltas will appear to be  made
       by this user.

       The lines in the config file must look like this:


       The  <user_name> and <host_name> can be anything, but once
       they have been chosen they cannot be changed.  If  changed
       the  repository will be seen as a multiple user repository
       by BitKeeper and will either need a license  key  or  will
       need to participate in Open Logging.

       To  change  a  single  user  repository to a multiple user
       repository see bk multiuser.

       Single user repositories only work  on  repositories  that
       have less than 1000 files.  If the maximum is reached, the
       repository will not allow any more  changesets  to  occur.
       To  use the repository again, the repository must be setup
       for openlogging or a commercial license must be purchased.

       Once  a repository is changed from a single user to multi-
       ple user repository it can not be changed to a single user
       repository again.  Once a multiple user repository it must
       be setup for openlogging or a commercial license  must  be

       If  you are looking for the BitKeeper License for free use
       (BKL), see bk help bkl.

       BitKeeper may be used for free, without any  functionality
       loss or other restrictions, if Open Logging is used.

       To setup openlogging, add the following line to the config

           logging:logging at openlogging.org

       The use of BitKeeper without Open Logging enabled requires
       a commercial license key.  You can get a temporary license
       by sending a mail request to bk_license at bitmover.com.

       Once the license key is obtained, add a line to  the  Bit-
       Keeper/etc/config file that looks like:

           license: <license key>

       bk help bkl
       bk help config-etc
       bk help multiuser
       bk help openlogging


BitMover, Inc               2001/02/02                          1

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