[Xotcl] Collections

MichaelL at frogware.com MichaelL at frogware.com
Mon May 12 16:47:59 CEST 2003

This is an item for the suggestion box.

XOTcl uses a number of collections: filters, mixins, children, etc. It may 
perhaps make sense to introduce a real collection class or abstraction, 
and implement those concepts directly *as* collections. Reading through a 
lot of XOTcl code--eg, xoRBAC--you can see that the same themes appear 
over and over again, such as checking to see if an object is already mixed 
in. Right now "append"--and only "append"--is built into the list of 
supplied Object methods (eg, "filterappend"). Rather than flooding Object 
with more and more collection management procs it might be better to 
expose the filter collection as an object that supports operations 
directly (like "append" and "contains" and "remove").

This is more like a 2.0 change--and presupposes that there will be a 2.0. 
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