[Xotcl] Collections

Gustaf Neumann neumann at wu-wien.ac.at
Mon May 12 18:39:44 CEST 2003

On Monday 12 May 2003 17:36, Uwe Zdun wrote:
> This corresponds to the idea of making filters etc themselves objects.
> I like this idea from a conceptual point of view. Implementation-wise
> it could be a larger undertaking ... the problem is that these
> "collections" manage different things at the C-code level (Tcl_Obj*s, Cmds,
> etc) in lists and hashtables and that some parts are not under control of
> XOTcl's C code (children are managed by Tcl in Namespaces). So really a 2.0
> issue :)

 same opinon here; we had already some discussion some time ago about 
 transforming e.g. methods into objects, etc. We did a big step in this direction when 
 we implemented our "light-weight objects", which require namespaces
 etc on demand (please note, that lightweight is relative; see also
 http://media.wu-wien.ac.at/download/mem.log). But still, objects
 are costly in terms of time and memory.

 I am pondering since a while about a simple thing: transforming 
 xotcl parameters into objects. Conceptually, this is quite simple, but 
 has disadvantages from benchmarks etc, whenmultiple objects are created
 on the fly, in situations where the users expects one class/object to be created. 
 Maybe we are able to provide object facades, or to create these interface 
 objects on demand, while keeping low-fat memory strucutures....... but this 
 will take a few releases...


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