[Xotcl] xotcl 1.1.0, tcl/tk 8.4.4 and freebsd 4.9 are not happy with each other

Marc Spitzer mspitze1 at optonline.net
Sun Nov 30 00:45:50 CET 2003

Hello all,

I am trying to build xotcl 1.1.0 with tk/tcl8.4.4 from the ports tree on a freebsd 4.9 box and it is not working.  The problem os that tk/tcl on
freebsd is setup such that you can have mutpile version of tcl on the box at the same time and this breaks the build process.  Here is my
configure line:

./configure --with-all --with-tcl=/usr/local/lib/tcl8.4/ --with-tk=/usr/local/lib/tk8.4 --with-tkinclude=/usr/local/include/tk8.4

here is the output from gmake:
$ gmake
cc -DUSE_TCL_STUBS -DPACKAGE_NAME=\"\" -DPACKAGE_TARNAME=\"\" -DPACKAGE_VERSION=\"\" -DPACKAGE_STRING=\"\" -DPACKAGE_BUGREPORT=\"\" -DVERSION=\"1.1\" -DSTDC_HEADERS=1 -DHAVE_SYS_TYPES_H=1 -DHAVE_SYS_STAT_H=1 -DHAVE_STDLIB_H=1 -DHAVE_STRING_H=1 -DHAVE_MEMORY_H=1 -DHAVE_STRINGS_H=1 -DHAVE_INTTYPES_H=1 -DHAVE_UNISTD_H=1 -DCOMPILE_XOTCL_STUBS=1         -DTCL_SHLIB_EXT=\".so\" -I/usr/ports/lang/tcl84/work/tcl8.4.4/generic -I/usr/ports/lang/tcl84/work/tcl8.4.4/unix -I"./../generic" -I"./../unix"     -O  -fPIC -g -DXOTCLVERSION=\"1.1\" -DXOTCLPATCHLEVEL=\".0\"  -c `echo ../generic/xotcl.c` -o so/xotcl.o
In file included from ../generic/xotcl.c:47:
../generic/xotclInt.h:15: tclInt.h: No such file or directory
In file included from ../generic/xotclInt.h:16,
                 from ../generic/xotcl.c:47:
../generic/xotcl.h:30: tcl.h: No such file or directory
../generic/xotcl.h:102: #error Tcl distribution is TOO OLD, we require at least tcl8.0
gmake: *** [so/xotcl.o] Error 1

Now the files that are "missing" are in /usr/local/include/tcl8.4:

bogomips# cd ../tcl8.4
bogomips# ls
generic         tcl.h           tclDecls.h      tclPlatDecls.h  unix
bogomips# ls *
tcl.h           tclDecls.h      tclPlatDecls.h

regcustom.h             tclDecls.h              tclMath.h
regerrs.h               tclIO.h                 tclPlatDecls.h
regex.h                 tclInitScript.h         tclPort.h
regguts.h               tclInt.h                tclRegexp.h
tcl.h                   tclIntDecls.h
tclCompile.h            tclIntPlatDecls.h

tclUnixPort.h   tclUnixThrd.h

so how hard would it be to add a --with-tclinclude ?

Also I would need to do this for tclsh and wish(do I need to do wish?),
on freebsd they are both shell scripts that tel you what you have installed not the real tclsh, like so:
bogomips# tclsh
In FreeBSD, tclsh is named with a version number.  This is because
different versions of tclsh are not compatible with each other and
they can not all be called "tclsh"!  You may need multiple versions
installed because a given port may depend on a specific version.

On your system, tclsh is installed under at least the following names:




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