[Xotcl] Problem With Forwarding Defaults

MichaelL at frogware.com MichaelL at frogware.com
Mon Sep 20 17:33:19 CEST 2004

I have a class I use to manage collections of aggregated objects. I'm 
trying to use it with the -Class parameter option and instforwarding so 
that I can do things like this:

        Test x
        x apples add Z
        x apples items

*That* part I can get to work as expected. But I can't get the default 
option of instforwarding to work for this case:

        x apples

Some (simplified) sample code follows.


package require XOTcl 1.3

namespace import ::xotcl::*

# Collection

Class Collection

Collection instproc new {className args} {
    eval $className [self]::[[self] autoname -instance $className] $args

Collection instproc add {args} {
    foreach objName $args {
        $objName move [self]::[[self] autoname -instance [namespace tail 
[$objName info class]]]

Collection instproc items {} {
    return [[self] info children]

Collection instproc remove {objName} {
    [self]::$objName destroy

# CollectionParameter

::xotcl::Class::Parameter CollectionParameter -superclass Collection

# Test

Class Test -parameter {
    {_apples_  -Class CollectionParameter -default 1}
    {_oranges_ -Class CollectionParameter -default 1}

# TestItem

Class TestItem

# Examples

Test instforward apples  {%my _apples_}
Test instforward oranges {%my _oranges_}

Test x
x apples new TestItem
x apples new TestItem

# this works
puts [x apples items]

Test instforward apples  -default {items add} {%my _apples_}
Test instforward oranges -default {items add} {%my _oranges_}

Test z
z apples new TestItem
z apples new TestItem

# this works
puts [z apples items]

# this doesn't
puts [z apples]

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