[Xotcl] Announcing: Spindle v0.1 — An MVC web framework for Tcl/XOTcl

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Fri May 21 23:20:40 CEST 2010


Your project reminds me of another project someone else is doing using TCL, which tries to emulate the way Ruby-on-Rails works. It also claims simplicity and ease of use. The trouble is that in order to start using it one has to learn Ruby-on-Rails first. 

With your project people need to learn what MVC is, how it works etc. I tried to look at your examples and I could not understand at all how it works. I suspect that there is prior knowledge of other things required to grasp what you are trying to accomplish. And your assumption is that most people already have that knowledge. I don't know about others, but I probably don't have that knowledge, although I understand the http/html very well. 

My suggestion is that you provide very simple examples that explain what each example does (what/how/why). 

Thanks and good luck with your project. 

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I've grown to hate all the web frameworks I've used (non-Tcl), and  
OpenACS was always impenetrable for me, so I decided to create one  
that reflects how I think a framework should operate. It's very early  
development stuff, but it works and has some hopefully intriguing  
ideas. And yes, it's all XOTcl. Check it out:


Kristoffer Lawson, Co-Founder, Scred // http://www.scred.com/

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