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// xorb 0.4.4 //

  • Generic infrastructure for call abstractions, based on XOTcl  and xotcl-core.
  • Allows for plugging-in protocol extensions: currently SOAP support by xosoap (see below).
  • Based upon an object-oriented layer and extension to OpenACS service contracts, allowing for a more agile use of contracts and implementations
  • Allows for publishing existing Tcl and XOTcl code as remoting, e.g. SOAP, services
  • Support for legacy code through "interface adapters"
  • Generic extension mechanism through "interceptors"
  • Several levels of publishing services through "invocation access policies"
  • Tight integration with XOTcl idioms (objects and classes)

// xosoap 0.4.4 //

  • SOAP  consumer and provider infrastructure
  • SOAP 1.1  compliance (SOAP 1.2  is work-in-progress); SOAP marshaler / demarshaler on top of tdom.
  • Auto-generation of WSDL 1.1  and, optionally, WS-I  compliant interface descriptions
  • Support for various WSDL 1.1  marshaling styles: Rpc/Encoded, Rpc/Literal, Document/Literal (provider-side only)
  • Support for primitive and composite types based on an extensible type infrastructure.
  • Framework interoperability: Designed to be compliant to SOAPBuilder Interoperability Lab  test suites, currently A + B.