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[Xotcl] Re: Status of the bugs I reported/could people resend their replies to those bugs

From: Gustaf Neumann <neumann_at_wu-wien.ac.at>
Date: Mon, 5 Apr 2004 20:51:09 +0200

On Friday 02 April 2004 05:37, Jim Lynch wrote:
> Hi,

 Hi Jim,
 sorry for the delayed answer, i was last week on vacation.

> Last month I reported three bugs in the configure step of the xotcl

 you mean last week? well, last week is also last month, just to remove
 disambiguity, i have received no earlier mails from you.

> build process. While I was reporting those bugs and for a few days
> after, I was working on my mail, and so turned off the list's replying
> to me at first.
> Is there a different way to report bugs? Could someone tell me the
> status of these bugs? Would anyone like copies of the bug reports
> sent to them?

 as uwe pointed out, we have since last week serious hardware
 problems on our webserver.
 i have received four mails from concerning a) the aolserver, and b)
 tclsh without path.

 concerning (a) you are right, determining to build with AOLserver
 from the `pwd` is not pretty, also the hardwired path to the
 AOLserver include directory. i have changed that
 right now. note, that making an aolserver module is only an issue
 for AOLserver 3.*, the AOLserver 4* series does not require this
 at all. Therefore, i have named the configure switch
 where you have to specify the include directory.
 Concerning the second problem, you wrote:
>When configuring xotcl to build with a tcl which is not the system tcl,
>the configure step assumes the tclsh in the $PATH, which is a wrong
>The right assumption would be to choose the tclsh located in the tclConfig.sh.
>Doing this would ensure the builder will get the tclsh which is in the
>installation of tcl he/she specified.

 well, can you be more specific, where this happens?
 XOTcl uses in configure.in SC_PROC_TCLSH
 and uses in all the Makefiles $TCLSH_PROG as far i can see.
 What version of xotcl are you working with?


Univ.Prof. Dr.Gustaf Neumann
Abteilung für Wirtschaftsinformatik
WU-Wien, Augasse 2-6, 1090 Wien
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