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::xo::db::CrClass[i] ::xowiki::Page

Class Hierarchy of ::xowiki::Page

  • ::xotcl::Object[i]
    Methods for instances:
    __api_make_doc, __api_make_forward_doc, __timediff, abstract, ad_doc, ad_forward, ad_proc, appendC, arrayC, asHTML, autonameC, check, classC, cleanupC, configureC, containsC, copyC, db_0or1rowC, db_1rowC, debug, defaultmethodC, destroyC, destroy_on_cleanup, ds, evalC, existsC, extractConfigureArg, filterC, filterguardC, filtersearch, forward, hasclass, incrC, infoC, init, instvarC, invarC, isclass, ismetaclass, ismixin, isobject, istype, lappendC, log, method, mixinC, mixinguardC, moveC, msg, noinitC, objectparameter, parametercmdC, proc, procsearch, qn, requireNamespaceC, residualargsC, self, serialize, setC, set_instance_vars_defaults, show-object, substC, traceC, unknown, unsetC, uplevelC, upvarC, volatileC, vwait
    Methods to be applied on the class (in addition to the methods provided by the meta-class):
    getExitHandler, setExitHandler, unsetExitHandler
    • ::xo::db::Object[i]
      Methods for instances:
      db_1row, delete, initialize_loaded_object, insert, object_idC, object_titleC, save, save_new
      Methods to be applied on the class:
      Methods provided by the meta-class
      • ::xo::db::CrItem[i]
        Parameter for instances:
        package_id, parent_id (default "-100"), publish_status (default "ready")
        Methods for instances:
        current_user_id, delete, descriptionC, fix_content, initialize_loaded_object, item_idC, mime_typeC, nameC, nls_languageC, privilege=creator, publish_dateC, rename, revision_idC, revisions, save, save_new, set_live_revision, textC, titleC, update_attribute_from_slot, update_content, update_revision
        Methods to be applied on the class:
        Methods provided by the meta-class
        • ::xowiki::Page[i]
          Parameter for instances:
          absolute_links (default "0"), do_substitutions (default "1"), render_adp (default "1")
          Methods for instances:
          adp_subst, anchor, build_instance_attribute_map, build_name, category_export, category_import, check_adp_include_path, clipboard-add, clipboard-clear, clipboard-content, clipboard-copy, clipboard-export, condition=match, condition=regexp, copy_content_vars, create-new, create-or-use, create_form_field, create_form_fields, create_form_fields_from_form_constraints, create_form_page_instance, create_link, create_raw_form_field, creation_userC, creatorC, css_class_name, csv-dump, default_instance_attributes, delete, delete-revision, demarshall, descriptionC, detail_link, diff, div, edit, edit_set_default_values, edit_set_file_selector_folder, error_during_render, error_in_includelet, exists_form_parameterC, exists_query_parameterC, field_names, find_slot, footer, form_field_index, form_parameterC, get_anchor_and_query, get_content, get_description, get_folder, get_form_data, get_html_from_content, get_instance_attributes, get_nls_language_from_lang, get_property_from_link_page, get_rich_text_spec, get_target_from_link_page, htmlFooter, include, include_content, initialize_loaded_object, instantiate_includelet, is_folder_page, is_form, is_link_page, is_new_entry, item_refC, lang, last_modifiedC, list, lookup_cached_form_field, lookup_form_field, make-live-revision, map_categories, map_party, marshall, mime_typeC, mutual_overwrite_occurred, nameC, new_link, nls_languageC, normalize_internal_link_name, page_idC, page_orderC, physical_package_id, physical_parent_id, popular-tags, pretty_link, pretty_name, publish_dateC, query_parameterC, record_last_visited, references_update, regsub_eval, render, render_content, render_icon, render_includelet, reset_resolve_context, resolve_included_page_name, reverse_map_party, reverse_map_party_attribute, revisions, save, save-attributes, save-tags, save_data, save_new, search_render, set_content, set_resolve_context, show_fields, substitute_markup, textC, titleC, translate, unescape, unset_temporary_instance_variables, validate-attribute, validate=form_constraints, validate=name, validate=page_order, view
          Methods to be applied on the class (in addition to the methods provided by the meta-class):
          container_already_rendered, find_slot, get_tags, import, quoted_html_content, save_tags

Class Relations

  • superclass: ::xo::db::CrItem[i]
  • subclass: ::xowiki::File[i], ::xowiki::PageInstance[i], ::xowiki::PageTemplate[i], ::xowiki::PlainPage[i]


  • proc container_already_rendered

  • proc find_slot

  • proc get_tags

  • proc import

  • proc quoted_html_content

  • proc save_tags

  • instproc adp_subst

  • instproc anchor

  • instproc build_instance_attribute_map

  • instproc build_name

  • instproc category_export

  • instproc category_import

  • instproc check_adp_include_path

  • instproc clipboard-add

  • instproc clipboard-clear

  • instproc clipboard-content

  • instproc clipboard-copy

  • instproc clipboard-export

  • instproc condition=match

  • instproc condition=regexp

  • instproc copy_content_vars

  • instproc create-new

  • instproc create-or-use

  • instproc create_form_field

  • instproc create_form_fields

  • instproc create_form_fields_from_form_constraints

  • instproc create_form_page_instance

  • instproc create_link

  • instproc create_raw_form_field

  • instproc css_class_name

  • instproc csv-dump

  • instproc default_instance_attributes

  • instproc delete

  • instproc delete-revision

  • instproc demarshall

  • instproc detail_link

  • instproc diff

  • instproc div

  • instproc edit

  • instproc edit_set_default_values

  • instproc edit_set_file_selector_folder

  • instproc error_during_render

  • instproc error_in_includelet

  • instproc field_names

  • instproc find_slot

  • instproc footer

  • instproc form_field_index

  • instproc get_anchor_and_query

  • instproc get_content

  • instproc get_description

  • instproc get_folder

  • instproc get_form_data (public)

    <instance of ::xowiki::Page[i]> get_form_data \
        [ -field_names field_names ] form_fields
    Get the values from the form and store it in the form fields and finally as instance attributes. If the field names are not specified, all form parameters are used.

    -field_names (optional)
  • instproc get_html_from_content

  • instproc get_instance_attributes

  • instproc get_nls_language_from_lang

  • instproc get_property_from_link_page

  • instproc get_rich_text_spec

  • instproc get_target_from_link_page

  • instproc htmlFooter

  • instproc include (public)

    <instance of ::xowiki::Page[i]> include [ -configure configure ] \
    Include the html of the includelet. The method generates an includelet object (might be an other xowiki page) and renders it and returns either html or an error message.

    -configure (optional)
  • instproc include_content

  • instproc initialize_loaded_object

  • instproc instantiate_includelet

  • instproc is_folder_page

  • instproc is_form

  • instproc is_link_page

  • instproc is_new_entry

  • instproc lang

  • instproc list

  • instproc lookup_cached_form_field

  • instproc lookup_form_field

  • instproc make-live-revision

  • instproc map_categories

  • instproc map_party

  • instproc marshall

  • instproc mutual_overwrite_occurred

  • instproc new_link

  • instproc normalize_internal_link_name

  • instproc physical_package_id

  • instproc physical_parent_id

  • instproc popular-tags

  • instproc pretty_link

  • instproc pretty_name

  • instproc record_last_visited

  • instproc references_update

  • instproc regsub_eval

  • instproc render

  • instproc render_content

  • instproc render_icon

  • instproc render_includelet

  • instproc reset_resolve_context

  • instproc resolve_included_page_name (public)

    <instance of ::xowiki::Page[i]> resolve_included_page_name \
    Determine the page object for the specified page name. The specified page name might have the form //some_other_instance/page_name, in which case the page is resolved from some other package instance. If the page_name does not contain a language prefix, the language prefix of the including page is used.

  • instproc reverse_map_party

  • instproc reverse_map_party_attribute

  • instproc revisions

  • instproc save

  • instproc save-attributes (public)

    <instance of ::xowiki::Page[i]> save-attributes
    The method save-attributes is typically callable over the REST interface. It allows to save attributes of a page without adding a new revision.

  • instproc save-tags

  • instproc save_data

  • instproc save_new

  • instproc search_render

  • instproc set_content

  • instproc set_resolve_context

  • instproc show_fields

  • instproc substitute_markup

  • instproc translate

  • instproc unescape

  • instproc unset_temporary_instance_variables

  • instproc validate-attribute

  • instproc validate=form_constraints

  • instproc validate=name

  • instproc validate=page_order

  • instproc view


::xowiki::Page array set RE {include {{{([^<]+?)}}([&<\s]|$)} clean2 { <br */?> *(<div)} anchor \
       {\\\[\\\[([^\]]+?)\\\]\\\]} div {&gt;&gt;([^&<]*?)&lt;&lt;([ \n]*)?} clean \
::xowiki::Page set __default_metaclass ::xotcl::Class
::xowiki::Page set __default_superclass ::xotcl::Object
::xowiki::Page set abstract_p f
::xowiki::Page set auto_save false
::xowiki::Page array set db_slot \
       {page_order ::xowiki::Page::slot::page_order creator ::xowiki::Page::slot::creator page_id \
       ::xowiki::Page::slot::page_id object_id ::xo::db::Object::slot::object_id description \
       ::xo::db::CrItem::slot::description text ::xo::db::CrItem::slot::text object_title \
       ::xo::db::Object::slot::object_title nls_language ::xo::db::CrItem::slot::nls_language \
       mime_type ::xo::db::CrItem::slot::mime_type name ::xo::db::CrItem::slot::name title \
       ::xo::db::CrItem::slot::title revision_id ::xo::db::CrItem::slot::revision_id item_id \
       ::xo::db::CrItem::slot::item_id publish_date ::xo::db::CrItem::slot::publish_date}
::xowiki::Page set folder_id -100
::xowiki::Page set form ::xowiki::WikiForm
::xowiki::Page set id_column page_id
::xowiki::Page array set markupmap {unescape { {[[}  \{\{  {&gt;&gt;}} escape \
       {{\[[}  \\\{\{  {\&gt;&gt;} }}
::xowiki::Page set mime_type text/html
::xowiki::Page set name_method {}
::xowiki::Page set object_type ::xowiki::Page
::xowiki::Page set object_type_key 68870471744
::xowiki::Page set pretty_name {XoWiki Page}
::xowiki::Page set pretty_plural {Wiki Pages}
::xowiki::Page set recursion_count 0
::xowiki::Page set security_inherit_p t
::xowiki::Page set sql_package_name ::xowiki::Page
::xowiki::Page set storage_type text
::xowiki::Page set supertype content_revision
::xowiki::Page set table_name xowiki_page
::xowiki::Page set with_table true

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