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Error in includelet 'folders':
query select content_type as object_type from cr_items where item_id=-4 did not return an answer
    while executing
"error "query $sql did not return an answer""
    (procedure "::xo::db_1row" line 8)
    invoked from within
"::xo::db_1row get_class_from_item_id  "select content_type as object_type from cr_items where item_id=$item_id""
    invoked from within
"ns_cache eval xotcl_object_type_cache  [expr {$item_id ? $item_id : $revision_id}] {
      if {$item_id} {
        ::xo::db_1row get_class_from_item_i..."
    (procedure "get_object_type" line 3)
    invoked from within
"my get_object_type -item_id $item_id -revision_id $revision_id"
    (procedure "get_instance_from_db" line 2)
    invoked from within
"::xo::db::CrClass get_instance_from_db -item_id [$page parent_id]"
    (procedure "get_folder" line 22)
    ::202142 ::xowiki::Page->get_folder
    invoked from within
"$page get_folder -folder_form_ids $folder_form_id"
    (procedure "build_tree" line 19)
    ::nsf::__#2Z ::xowiki::includelet::folders->build_tree
    invoked from within
"my build_tree"
    (procedure "render" line 14)
    invoked from within
    (procedure "render" line 4)
    ::nsf::__#2Z ::xowiki::includelet::decoration=plain->render
    invoked from within
"$includelet render"

This is the default start page of XoWiki. You can edit this page and save it to provide a personalized look of the XoWiki instance. You can as well provide a different index page through configuration. You can also view the contents of the Wiki in a weblog style. For more details, consult the XoWiki documentation .

A user can define notifications for the whole XoWiki instance (by clicking on the notifications button in the menu bar or for categories (by clicking on the letter symbol next to the category entries at the bottom of the page)

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